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PASMA Scaffold tower training course

Mobile Scaffold Towers are an easy and reliable way of reaching places which need repair, renovation or maintenance and working on them safely as well as erecting them is essential. PASMA (Prefabricated Access Suppliers and Manufacturers Association) training on how to inspect, maintain, erect and use mobile scaffold towers is known to be one of the best programmes available and BOSS Training are very proud to be a provider. When anyone undertaking a course successfully completes both the written and practical exams, they are awarded a PASMA photo-card and certificate of competence, which is accepted by employers across the UK.

The standard BOSS PASMA training course can be delivered as a stand-alone course or combined with the low-level course (please see the page covering low level and combined courses). Only the very highest quality instructors are employed by BOSS and together with the high standards of the PASMA designed course, any workforce will be in an excellent position to ensure that their workplace is safe for everyone. BOSS courses are recognized by the HSE (the Health and Safety Executive) – a real seal of approval.

The standard course covers the safe use and inspection of Aluminium and Fibreglass Prefabricated Mobile Access Towers. Until the issuing of the PASMA certificate, successful candidates can request a temporary site letter from the instructor which confirms that the holder is competent to assemble, use, inspect, alter and dismantle mobile access towers. The certificates are usually issued around four weeks after the course is successfully completed, but the temporary letter means that the trainee can start work immediately.

PASMA Training Course Agenda

  • Introduction
  • Health and Safety at Work Act and how it impacts those working with mobile access towers
  • Work at Height Regulations
  • Accident Awareness and Prevention – this covers working at height and how to climb safely
  • Inspecting Tower Components – careful inspection of components is the key to safe use of MATs.
  • Understanding the Instruction Manual
  • Advanced Guardrail and the 3T method
  • Assembling, moving and dismantling a Tower
  •  Safe use of Mobile Access Towers – an overview
  • Stability and ground conditions – this essential element shows how to choose a good site.
  • Hazards, risks and overhead obstacles
  • Inspection and the PASMA inspection label
  • Theory Test (multiple choice)
  • Lunch
  • PASMA Practical Session
  • PASMA Practical Assessment


Health and Safety in any work environment is the responsibility of everyone and at no time is this as important as when working at a height or preparing equipment to allow someone else to do so. The course will clarify the legal requirements of any employee and will also give the knowledge base to all who attend to enable them to inspect, maintain, store and otherwise conduct risk assessments on MATs.

PASMA Course duration: 1 day (6 hours)


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